Step 1
Copy the code
The code contains a news feed with uncensored news, which will be shown in a pop-up, if visitors to the website have Russian as their language setting. Visitors who do not have Russian language settings will not see the pop-up.
Step 2
Place the code on your website
Adding the code directly to individual websites means that the news content it holds cannot be blocked centrally by Russian authorities.
Step 3
The pop-up with uncensored news will be shown
And you help spread real news to the Russian people. You can copy paste code with up-to-date news as often as you like
Add the code to your website
Preview The Pop-up
Copy the Code
The code is now copied to your clipboard.
Now you need to paste it into your website.
Place the code right before your </BODY> end tag.

Need help? Click here for a list on how to integrate it with popular CMS systems.

When you added the code - go to the next step to verify that it's working.
The news pop-up will only show up on your website if a visitor has Russian as their language setting. If you want to verify that it is working, enter the link to your website below and click "Go".
Thank you for taking part in bringing real news to Russian citizens.
Advanced Option
If you want the news displayed in the pop-up on your website to be updated automatically, you can interface directly with our API to set that up.
To explore the API and how you can integrate it directly onto your site. Please visit our Github page.


Even if you don’t own a website, you can still support the cause by sharing the message on socials and help us reach new website owners.
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What is Undo the Firewall?
An initiative to fight internet censorship and help bring real news to Russians
How can my website join the fight against censorship?
It’s simple. Just copy the code on this website and paste it into your own. Then any visitors to your site who have Russian as their language settings will see the independent news aggregated in the code.
How does the code work, and what kind of news will be displayed?
The code contains a broad selection of news headlines about Russia. and surrounding regions from various independent news sources. You can see a preview of the pop-up with the news that will be displayed, before implementing the code on your website.
Will news be updated automatically through the code?
No. To update the news in your pop-up, you need to copy/paste the code snippet to your website again.
If you are looking for a more advanced setup, you can explore integrating an automatically updated feed through our API.
Can my website be targeted for hosting uncensored news?
Because the news aggregator code is being distributed in a decentralized manner, the chance of your website being blocked by Russian authorities is low, but there is of course a theoretical risk that it could happen.
Who is behind Undo The Firewall?
Undo the Firewall is a collaborative initiative between Digital agency Hello Monday/DEPT and The True Story, a news aggregator founded by Lev Gershenzon, former news director of Russia's largest search engine Yandex.
Is there any cost associated with participating?
No, there is no cost associated with participating.
Can websites of any size participate?
The initiative is designed for websites of all sizes. Big and small.
I don’t know if I have any Russian visitors to my website, do you still need my help?
Even if you don’t currently have Russian visitors to your site, then it could still happen in the future so it’s still relevant for the campaign to get your help. You can also help by spreading the word and encouraging other website owners to support the initiative.
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Undo the Firewall is powered by The True Story.

The True Story is an independent news aggregator service reflecting the most significant current events based on the most relevant and highly cited news reporting from original sources. We have established partnerships with all major Russian independent news outlets and offer our users an in-depth view on world events that reflects the key facts from each story. Our service is fully algorithm-driven.

In addition, we provide a widget program for independent media, which serves as a valuable tool for audience engagement. Our widget is placed on more than a dozen Russian media websites, all censorship-free.

Remarkably, we were blocked in Russia just 3 days after our launch in August 2022, setting a "record" for media startups.

The True Story was founded by Lev Gershenzon, the former head of Yandex News (2008-2012), the largest Russian digital news source. In 2014 Lev permanently moved to Berlin and founded the technology company Detectum. The True Story service is based on his previous experience in digital news, Detectum's tech team expertise and company's algorithms library.

Our mission is to promote access to complete, diverse, and reliable news information for the widest audience. To introduce and make usable the critical mode of news digital consumption while highlighting contradictory information and conflicting opinions. Our goal is to empower the user to choose and evaluate the sources of information and the news stories coverage.

The True Story is positioned not as a competitor to news outlets, but as their partner. This is why all Russian independent media provide their content to us and significantly assist in promoting and distributing the service. We are building a distribution system that offers content producers a win-win deal that will improve the news industry's chances to compete for audience attention.
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If you have questions or would like to know more about Undo The Firewall and the people behind the initiative, you are welcome to write us at: [email protected]

We would be happy to discuss any digital partnership options that could be helpful in the fight against internet censorship
© 2024 all rights reserved — Powered by The True Story, created by HELLO MONDAY/DEPT®
In Russia news are being censored, making it nearly impossible to access independent news.
/ Проблема

The Problem

Undo the Firewall provides an easy way for any website to host real, uncensored, news and help spread them to the Russian people...
/ Решение

The Solution

...in a way that can't be blocked in a central manner.
With your help, we can break through the firewall.